the gift of a week.

#42. Air Conditioning.

God has provided not one – but THREE – air conditioners for our apartment. Insert shouts of hallelujah and dances of praise here.

#45. dealing with emotions. 

Adjusting to life here as been a bit of an emotional roller coaster, but I am thankful for time to sit down and process everything.

#48. New Friends 

I have really enjoyed getting to know the people here who are working with Safe Haven and from other local churches!

#50. Words of encouragement 

#51. The 4 little blonde children currently staying with us tonight…so much laughter and joy. 

#54. Being intimately known by the creator of the universe.

Psalm 139:3 “You are intimately acquainted with all my ways” has never been more real to me. I am continually surprised (although I shouldn’t be) by how well God knows my desires, fears, longings, and worries…even all the ones I do not bring to him. It’s almost like he is laying a path out in front of me saying “walk here…I know you. I made you. This is where I want you. Trust me.” It’s getting a little ridiculous.

#56. Worshipping at Redeemer PCA – and being extremely convicted by the Word of God. 

Speaking of being intimately known…the sermon today at church basically hit the nail on the head. Here are a few gems of conviction from Matthew 10:26-39, about not living in fear.

“Contentious environments produce more courageous disciples, where as comfortable environments produce more complacent disciples.”

“Yesterday’s faith isn’t enough to fight today’s fear – we have to believe the Gospel moment by moment”

“The fear of man leaves us running away from opportunity, but the fear of the Lord is a strong tower”

– – – –

Prayer Requests: This week we start our afternoon summer program. Pray for the k-5th graders that will be there – that the Lord would use this time to make them into faithful followers of Christ. Pray for me, as I teach bible during the week – that God would give me energy and wisdom…and that He would be glorified!


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