“you’re going in there?”

Before camp every day, we have to walk down to the Hyatt Court to get the kids. Hyatt Court is the housing project right down the street from the church, and most of the kids who come to our camp live there. The kids have a hard time remembering when they are supposed to be at church, so we walk down there to the play ground and bring them back with us.

Before I came to Newark, I would have never gone somewhere like this. I probably wouldn’t even drive my car there in Orlando, much less walk in there alone. The other day a lady saw me walking alone into Hyatt, and she yelled at me from across the street “hey! wait a minute, you’re going in there?” 

In all honesty, everything in me wanted to stop walking, turn around, and say “you’re right. This is crazy. I should go back.” But I have been learning lately about God’s provision and about taking courageous steps in faith. So my feet kept moving further into Hyatt as I saw some familiar faces playing on the play ground and calling out my name – “Hey miss Sarah! It’s time to go to church, isn’t it?”

I realized later that “you’re going in there?” is the question that the world should always ask followers of Christ.   This should be their observation of the church, their observation of me. And many times, it’s not. We live in our comfortable homes in our comfortable world with our comfortable friends.

And I wonder – if Christians aren’t willing to get uncomfortable for the sake of the poor, for the sake of the gospel, and ultimately for the sake of God’s glory, who will? 

I’m not saying it’s easy. I’m not saying it’s fun. And i definitely don’t think I have it all together. But shouldn’t we all get a little crazy for the sake of the gospel? The world should look at me always and think – you’re going in there? You’re going to share the gospel with the girl who sits next to you in class? You’re going to feed the homeless? You’re going to pray with the woman crying on the bus? You’re going to care for the windows and orphans? You’re going to be willing to be persecuted for your faith? You’re going in there?

Although my initial reaction to her bold question was to shirk back in fear, I’m so glad she asked.

Now I am praying that by God’s grace my life becomes a life that is characterized by doing bold things for the sake of the gospel. I know that the work Christ accomplished on the cross frees me from the  fear of man, the approval of others, and the opinions of this world. I also know that I have such a long way to go. I am confident that as my heart learns to believe the Gospel more and more, I will be compelled to live the kind of life that the world looks at and says  – you’re going in there?  


“…being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” Phillipians 1:6


One thought on ““you’re going in there?”

  1. This is awesome! Just today I was reading and came across Matthew 5:11-12, which this post really reminded me of. I will pray that you continue to seek THAT kind of adventurous and daring life with Christ, and keep this message in mind when I need courage to keep walking.
    -Elise VW

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