What I’ve been thankful for lately

I think the last time I blogged was 286 days ago.  That’s a long time.

To ease back in, here’s what I’ve been thankful for lately. Honestly, most days I don’t live aware of how blessed I really am. But counting these gifts and reflecting on them helps.

So here they are:


1. For cousins who feel more like siblings (+2), squeezing on couches and all the laughter that ensues when we are together.

photo 2

2. For brothers who are turning into my best friends as time goes on, and for finally having a sister. I love you, Tori Delk.

photo 1-1

3. For life-long friends reunited at Sarah’s wedding. Such a beautiful day and beautiful friends.

photo 5

4. For hand-drawn snowflakes left on bed-side tables, thoughtful notes, and being known. Spencer, you are good for my heart.

photo 2

5. For snow in Gainesville (yes, it happened), and the joy I experienced in knowing that God knows the desires of my heart.

photo 4

6. For Sunday afternoons in a hammock, and learning that the best heart talks happen swinging between trees.


7. For the first ever City Church Sunday morning service, and a community of people who are broken and but being made new.

9. For anything Ben Rector sings.


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