Recent Thankfulness

One of my all time favorite blogs, Today’s Letters, frequently posts about what they’ve been thankful for lately. In an effort to update this blog-universe (blog-iverse?) about the past few crazy weeks, I’m going to do my own thankfulness post. So many good things have happened lately!


I’m thankful for five days in the mountains of North Carolina with a group of friends. (This is my favorite picture from the week)

IMG_9951I’m thankful for finding this slightly creepy abandoned theme park, The Land of Oz, at the top of this mountain.


I’m thankful for a new camera. Yes, it made me a little sick to spend so much money on one item. But it was time for an upgrade and I love this new t4i!

IMG_0454I’m thankful for the little things. Like squirrels that run along our fence in the backyard.

IMG_0379I’m thankful for this pup. He’s “so ugly he’s cute.”

photoI’m thankful for my brother proposing to his sweet girlfriend, and this wonderful new addition to the Delk Family. I can’t believe I’ll finally have a sister!

IMG_0806I’m thankful for this handsome guy, who continues to love me well and challenge me daily!


Be thankful today, friends!